• Weekly 15-20 minute Mindfulness lesson with me 
  • Provide worksheets pertaining to the lesson 
  • Parent Nights (I will come and meet with the parents to show them the benefits of Mindfulness and what their child is learning in the program)
  • Assemblies (I will come to an assembly and do a guided Mindfulness/Meditation/Lesson with the entire school)
  • Mindfulness/Meditation boxes: All students will receive a meditation box  (Box includes gratitude journal, crystal to anchor breathing, light, decorative coaster)*this box allows for the students to bring their practice home and teach/practice with other family members  
  • Teacher/Staff Mindfulness session with me
  • I can contribute to the schools weekly online publication with Mindfulness tips for families
  • Mindfulness craft activities (Meditation box decorating, canvas quotes, breathe bracelets, worry boxes) *I can arrange a few lunch time activities for students who are interested

*Once we schedule a time to meet, we can customize the program to work with your schools needs.



       I also have a contact form that you can fill out here: 

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