Hi !!! This is the most amazing thing a child could get, so early on! He’s so excited about his meditation box you gave him and decided to do it this am! Thank you for giving them this gift! Not only the meditation kit, but the gift of your time and compassion to teach our kids the importance and skills to self-care. It’s truly priceless!


Courtney really taught me how to be mindful this year. I have had other mindfulness teachers but none of them have ever left such a big impact on me before. I am trying to be more mindful and meditate more, and I am trying to work on those positive self-things, too. I also really appreciate how Courtney gave us all those things, like our meditation boxes, but am especially grateful for Courtney teaching me to be more mindful and self-appreciative. I hope that Courtney will come back next year to do mindfulness with us, and if she does, I am really looking forward to it!

Courtney was a HUGE impact on my mindfulness learning this year. Before I came to room 21, I thought mindfulness was a bunch of hee bejeebers! But then Courtney came in and taught me how to handle my anger, think positively about myself, and, most of all, where to buy cool essential oils! Thank you so much for always believing in me! 

When I was in third grade I hated mindfulness but now I love it so much. Before the person was not so nice and it was not fun at all. It was boring! There was like nothing to do. Our old teacher liked having her but not the kids at all. When it was the day of mindfulness after lunch we had to bring toys to have some fun. But now it is really awesome! And I love Courtney it so much!!!  She taught us how to believe in ourselves and how to focus on our breathing and how to meditate. I love Mindfulness.

Another really fun moment this past year was when my Mom came in to teach mindfulness. I think my Mom helped a lot of people in my class to be mindful. This year I think that I have learned to be more mindful. This is the thing that has helped me a lot in school and when I play baseball. I hope I do it more in the future. My class loves my Mom and I think someday she will help a lot of people. 


I have had the pleasure of working with Courtney for the past few school years, when she came into my classroom to lead a mindfulness/meditation class.  The students LOVE having her come (In fact it is their favorite part of their week!). 


Each week, Courtney presents a mindfulness lesson that is not only relevant to students’ needs, but is also something that anyone/adults can benefit from.  Her lessons are engaging, and Courtney finds creative ways to present each lesson with hands-on activities and demonstrations.  These activities help solidify the concepts for the students, and keep them interested.  


The icing on the cake is that Courtney embodies mindfulness in her presence and spirit.  She has a sweetness, and grace about her that magnetizes the students to her, and allows them to see the benefits of how mindfulness has helped in Courtney’s own life.”


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