Meet Courtney

Hi I’m Courtney and for over 20+ years I have benefited greatly from my own personal Mindfulness practice.

I have been teaching Mindfulness classes since 2015 at various schools in the Bay Area. 

The curriculum I teach is based off of my training with Mindful Schools as well as my own personal self-awareness and social emotional practices.

Teaching Mindfulness is something that I feel is essential for both youth and adults to be able to handle and deal with non-stop distractions, overbooked schedules, overwhelming social pressures and all the stress that comes along with those things.

Here is a testimonial from one of my teachers:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Courtney for the past few school years, when she came into my classroom to lead a mindfulness/meditation class.  The students LOVE having her come (In fact it is their favorite part of their week!). 


Each week, Courtney presents a mindfulness lesson that is not only relevant to students’ needs, but is also something that anyone/adults can benefit from.  Her lessons are engaging, and Courtney finds creative ways to present each lesson with hands-on activities and demonstrations.  These activities help solidify the concepts for the students, and keep them interested.  


The icing on the cake is that Courtney embodies mindfulness in her presence and spirit.  She has a sweetness, and grace about her that magnetizes the students to her, and allows them to see the benefits of how mindfulness has helped in Courtney’s own life.”




Courtney graduated from The University of Arizona in 1996 with a major in Communications and minor in Psychology: Family Studies.
She is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, Published Writer, Motivational Speaker and Mental Health Advocate.

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