Do you feel broken, lost or empty inside and unable to articulate exactly what it is?

Are you having a hard time letting go and detaching from painful stories from your past?

Do you feel alone in this struggle due to fear of being misunderstood?

Have you tried therapy and self-help books but still feel stuck?

You want to get back in touch with the person you used to be before people, situations and life circumstances negatively affected you.

You don’t even want to deal with the painful stories from your past.

You’re ready to move on.

Are you desperately wanting to let go of:

Unwarranted fears

Emotional pain

That indescribable feeling of emptiness

Are you ready to realign with who you truly are?

YOU CAN be that person who feels happiness, freedom and inner peace.

I created a program to help you do just that.

This program will reconnect you to that person again.

In order to fully heal, we need to address the wounds we have allowed to become so much of who we are.

I had no idea how broken I was. I was in immense pain and could not point out exactly what it was. I was sad but nothing in my life could warrant this type of sadness. Courtney’s course pointed out exactly what it was I needed to heal. She helped me shine light on areas of my life that I was holding on to and needed to release. I was shown how to heal in this course and make peace with all the painful parts of me. I am a new person. I have hope again. I know this is a course I will do over and over again because it has helped me and guided me more than any book ever had. Thank you Courtney, because of you my light is back!

Chloe P.

This 6-week course will teach you how to:

  • Identify, acknowledge, nurture and heal the wounds that are holding you back.
  • Reconnect you with who you were before people, situations and circumstances determine your worth.
  • Rewrite the stories from the past that will allow you to let go and finally move on.
  • Rebuild your foundation of self-worth/self-love/self-esteem and have a new solid foundation that will remain unshakable in the face of any life circumstances.
  • Give you the tools you need to finally let go and make peace with the dark and painful emotions.
  • Learn various rituals and meditations to support you.
  • Do weekly soulful writing assignments.
  • Form a strong and trustworthy community with others who are on the same healing journey where you will be loved, supported and inspired.

The Next Course Begins July 20th

Where do I start? I honestly thought I was going to carry around this deep sense of sadness and pain forever and I was really discouraged. I had talked about my issues in therapy for years but every single time I left my appointment I felt worse because I had no action plan. Courtney took me through a process of identifying those past hurts, nurturing them, accepting them and finally being able to let go of them! I feel so much happier because I am not carrying around my past and I have tools now to deal with whatever comes up for me that holds me back. Thank you, thank you Courtney. Your course saved me!

Rebecca T.

You will be given the space, the tools and the continual support to heal, move on and reignite the light in you that has always been there.

The spiritual and holistic approaches I teach you will be things you will be able to access for the rest of your life.


My spiritual path began over 20 years ago when all of a sudden out of nowhere, “the lights went out.”  By this I meant my life became very dark and I went from being happy, outgoing and social to distant, isolated and pained. I lost the spark that I was born with.  I had a severed connection to the outside world because struggling and despair became my existence.

Hi, I am Courtney Bridgman and I am here to reconnect others with their light.

I believe we all endure painful experiences in our lives. When bad or hurtful events occur we have a choice. We can choose to learn what the lesson is and grow from it or we can identify with the bad experience and become stuck, unable to grow and move forward.

That was me, I became stuck in the negative past experiences which lead me down a dark path. This path was filled with self-destruction, low self-worth, depression, isolation, addiction and many times I wasn’t sure I would make it.


But I Did.

I did because I went through a complete spiritual detoxification process that I am now here to share with others who find their own inner light going out.

Spirituality saved me. The deeper my pain became, the deeper my interest in spirituality, meditation, healing practices and holistic approaches broadened.
My Journey Back to the Light has not been easy, quick and painless but it has been absolutely worth it.
I now feel it’s my mission and my responsibility to share with others how to navigate back to their own Inner Light. I will gently guide you on this soul Journey to reconnect, realign, remember and heal.

The stories may be different but pain is universal and can be healed no matter what.


you can heal_clipped_rev_1

Courtney is a lightworker, an angel and the most incredible teacher!  Her energy, compassion, love and experience shine through in this beautiful course. If you really want to heal and have someone guide you in a gentle and loving way, this is the course for you. Courtney gives you hope, regain your strength and allows you to find your light again and I am eternally grateful I found this course and Courtney.

Katherine T.

All I can say is thank you!! I was one of those people who clung to my past painful events and it was so painful to carry that around all the time. I now realize I have the choice to let go of those stories that kept me stuck for so long. Courtney’s course allowed me to see exactly what was going on and really dig deep to see when it started and then lead me on a beautiful journey to visualize who I am meant to be.  I love this course and can honestly say it does change your life for the better .

Talia M.


The Next Course Begins July 20th!

Week One:

We travel back to the beginning to recall and reacquaint you with who you were when you first came into the world free of fear, life experiences and pain.

We do a beautiful visualization process so you can see, hear, feel and write out specifics about your past.

This week is all about reconnecting and remembering because this is the person we lost track of along the way.

We will have a specific “soul-work” writing assignment and meditation to do in order to move on to the next phase of identifying, nurturing and healing when pain/anxiety/fear entered your life.


Week Two:

This week we  identify the specific experiences that started to close your heart, change you, force you to choose fear, anxiety or sadness.

We reconnect with  the events, the words, the people and exactly how you felt in those life changing moments.

We will visualize and articulate how you changed, what you started doing differently and how you navigated away from your soul/true intentions/hearts desires.

We will have another “soul-work” assignment relating to what we discovered this week as well as a more in depth healing meditation and tools to use as you open up to these deep insights.


Week Three:

We look at various ways we self sabotage, ruin relationships, engage in addictions all to numb the pain/emptiness/loneliness.

We look at ways you are avoiding telling your truth and how this is affecting you in negative ways.

We look at shame and guilt we carry that keeps us in a negative space.

We will see where we are doing things because we “should” and not because we want to.

There will be a “soul-work” assignment as well as a guided meditation.


Week Four:

We learn how to nurture, befriend, accept and release the wounds you have identified.

We will see how strength and wisdom come from healed pain.

We will see how your struggles have all been a part of the plan to shape you into the beautiful soul you are.

We will go through a process of forgiveness, self compassion and finally a release.

There will be a “soul-work” assignment and guided meditation.


Week Five:

We create a vision for your ideal self.

We will create intentions to allow you to move towards freedom, happiness and your soul’s purpose.

We will do a meditation to envision and actually feel your ideal self. We will create a contract that you will remain accountable to no longer identify with your past experiences because you have officially let go of the pain from your past.

There will be a “soul-work” assignment and a guided meditation.


Week Six:

We will figure out what possible blocks could get in your way to remaining attached to the past.

We will create a process for when past wounds start to show up.

We will set up a self-care plan that consists of daily rituals.

We will do a final release ceremony and meditation.

I had lost my spiritual connection. My heart was numb. I was allowing all sorts of things to dim my light and when that happens you just don’t want to live anymore. Thank you for your course, it saved me and I got my connection back!  I’m going to do this over and over. Thank you Courtney!

Natasha H.

This course will provide you with the action steps and the necessary deep soul work to reconnect you with your Light.

There will be an obvious shift in you from a place of fear to a place of inner peace.

This course will give you the magical steps to heal, move on and be free.

There is no reason to carry around unnecessary emotional pain any longer, start now.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will be able to:


Heal past wounds

Detach from painful stories

Experience more joy

Allow what is happening outside of you not determine your peace of mind

Have an unbreakable connection between your mind, your heart and your soul


Do you want to stop rehashing what happened to you in the past and finally move on?

Do you want to be shown out of the dark and negative space you have been sitting in and feel more joy and more freedom?

Because YOU as much as anyone in the world deserves happiness, love and peace.

I can show you how.

I can gently guide you and reconnect you to that place inside of you.

This 6 week program is the best investment you will ever make on your self improvement.

So many of us spend thousands a year on therapy, self-help books, retreats, gym memberships, plastic surgery anything to ‘fix’ us temporarily and this is something that will change your life.

It needs to start on the inside.

We need to heal on the inside in order to match how we portray ourselves on the outside.

Gaining the self-knowledge you will learn in this course gives you power.

This is a course you can do over and over again with life long strategies, action steps, practices and ongoing support from the private and exclusive “ The Journey To The Light” Facebook group.

  • You will receive an email confirmation once you sign up
  • You will receive Week One of the pre-recorded course on the day you sign up
  • You will gain access to the private Facebook group “The Journey To The Light””
  • All six weeks have been pre-recorded and you will receive the course once a week until you have completed six weeks.
  • You have full access to the course FOREVER so you can go back anytime you feel you need to!
  • Any questions you have just email me directly:

  • An open heart and an open mind
  • The belief that if you do the deep soul work you CAN heal
  • A beautiful notebook or journal to keep all your coursework in one spot

Pay In Full $718.00 (INCLUDES BONUSES!)

3 Payments of $245.00 (per month)

6 Payments of $128.00 (per month)

What if I’m in Therapy?

Great! If you are in therapy this is something you can do along with that.

I’m not depressed or in a dark place is this course for me?

Absolutely. This course is reconnecting you and re-aligning you with your truth and that does not mean you need to be depressed or in a dark place.

Do you have a payment plan?

YES! I have 3 payment options which allows anyone, whatever financial situation to make it easier.

I’ve already done a lot of work on myself. How is this different?

This is different because we need to go all the way back to the beginning and reveal things we may not even know we felt. This process is not a rehashing, it’s identifying, nurturing, befriending, making peace with and releasing.

How do I know if the course is working?

I have provided a process that if action is taken can change your entire perception of the past, pain you experience and showing you that you have a choice IF you want to remain in a stuck place. The results 100% depend on the work you do and continue to do after the course.

I’ve been trying everything to get my inner light back. You name it I’ve tried it: therapy, hypnosis, yoga retreats, fasting, drinking, shopping, working out too much, ALL OF IT! . I started to think I was crazy until I purchased your course The Journey To The Light and really did the soul work you assigned. This process was like nothing I have ever tried and I’ve been working on myself for 30+ years! Thank you Courtney. You showed me back to my light.

Christina R.

Being a man, I was always so ashamed to talk about my feelings, especially my dark and painful ones. Your course allowed me to heal at my own speed in the privacy of my own home. I was able to look at my past stories and how I was attaching to my pain BY CHOICE. I was holding back in my relationships because I was so attached to my past and you finally gave me the tools to let go and release all of those things so i could put my walls down. I envision myself doing this course over and over again and I just wanted to say thank you Courtney..

Thomas R.

Just sign up below and Week One of “ The Journey To The Light” course will show up in your inbox immediately.

You will then receive one email a week from me containing your course video, your “soul-work” assignments, and the guided meditations.

I have created incredible payment plans so that you can feel really good and comfortable about  finally choosing to invest in yourself:

Courtney, I was going through a really dark patch in my life and your course made me realize that it was my Inner Light that had gone out.  I’ve never thought of it like that! The beauty is, you showed me that our  ‘lights’ can certainly come back on if we do the actions and the process you teach so graciously and eloquently in your course. Thank you for helping me find my light again. I am forever grateful.

Simone R.


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Refund Policy

Students are entitled to a full refund if they formally give notice of their intent to withdraw before the third week of the course. Student must also submit all “soul work” assignments for the full refund. If the third week of the course has been sent out to the student, there will be no refund. This course is an action course, if the student wishes to benefit from this course completing the work and active participation will show best results.

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