“You saved my dark, cold spirit. It won’t happen overnight, but you’ve helped reignite my inner light.”

Michelle A.

“It may sound weird, but I just want to say THANK YOU, for unconsciously speaking to me.”

Ivania R.

“You are such an inspiration for those of us who are “lost” that there is hope in finding that light again.   I would love the opportunity to hear more about how you started to enjoy life again and found your “light.”

Aishing H.

“When I read your story it was like I was expressing my own loss of the beautiful light inside.”

Patricia J.

“Continue to share your message. It helps to know we are by alone in our struggles to find peace.”

Season A.

“Your words instantly gave me hope and I felt a spark of fire inside in a time I really need it.”

Marina C.

“I felt connected to you and your words and it’s inspiring me to keep pushing through the darkness no matter what.”

Heather K.

“I really admire your strength and your honesty.”

Johnny S.

“For the last few years I feel as though I lost my light. Almost as though I no longer have a soul. Thank you for showing me there is a way.”

Virginia K.

“I myself am going through a dark phase and I see no light. Thank you for keeping the hope alive.”

Kariline S.

“Thank you for reminding me THERE IS ALWAYS A SHINING LIGHT.”

Francesco M.

“It was so strengthening to read your story and know I am not alone.”

David L.

“Trying to make my inner light that I know is there burn brighter seems like a daunting task.  Your words helps me know that there is a chance I can do it too.”

Mayme H

“I’ve been trying everything to get it back. I started to think I was crazy until I read your story and realized that I was not alone.”

Dussiyalini D.

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