My spiritual path began over 20 years ago when all of a sudden out of nowhere, “the lights went out.”  By this I mean, my life became very dark. I went from being happy, outgoing and social, to distant, isolated and deeply pained.  I suddenly had a severed connection to the outside world because struggling and despair became my existence. I didn’t have the tools or awareness to articulate what was going on and this caused me to suffer much longer than if I had know what was happening.

Hi, I am Courtney Bridgman and I am here to reconnect others with their Inner Light.

I believe we all endure painful experiences in our lives. When bad or hurtful events occur we have a choice. We can choose to learn what the lesson is in our pain and grow from it or we can identify with the bad experience, become stuck, unhappy and unable to move on.

That was me, I became stuck in the negative past experiences which lead me down a dark path. This path was filled with self-destruction, low self-worth, depression, isolation, addiction and many times I wasn’t sure I would make it.

But I Did.

I did because I went through a complete spiritual detoxification process, This process saved me and allowed me to gain strength, self-love, resilience and a realignment with my authentic truth.  This process set me free and I want you to be able to experience this inner freedom too.

I want to show you how I was able to finally identify, acknowledge, accept and finally let go of the pain and fear that was holding me back.

My Journey Back to the Light has not been easy, quick and painless but it has been absolutely worth it.

I now feel it’s my mission and my responsibility to share with others how to navigate back to their own Inner Light. I will gently guide you on this soul Journey to reconnect, realign, remember and heal.

The stories may be different but pain is universal and can be healed no matter what.

If I can make one promise it is this:

“All the pain, all the struggle, all the sadness, all the disappointments and all the darkness, they have all been your messengers/teachers/signs pointing you back home.”


Courtney graduated from The University of Arizona in 1996 with a major in Communications and minor in Psychology: Family Studies.
She is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, Published Writer, Motivational Speaker and Mental Health Advocate.

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