I am happy you are here.

You may be a lot like I used to be.

There is this indescribable sense of loss, emptiness, confusion and pain.

Most days you are not sure exactly what it is but you know there is a void, a sense of disconnect or brokenness.

For over 20 years I attempted to suppress, block out, numb, deny and run from any feelings that caused me pain or discomfort.

Those were my ways of protecting myself and you could be doing those same exact things.

What I didn’t know was that when we lock away pain in our bodies, this harms us emotionally, physically and spiritually.

This is what causes our Inner Light to go out.

Now I know, after struggling and resisting for way too long, that seeking out, facing with courage, and bringing into the Light of consciousness that which is unconscious is what allows us to heal.

The good news is:


You don’t have to suffer and struggle and try to navigate out of this dark place for as long I did.

I am here to teach you the tools and techniques I mastered to reignite my light, align with my truth and purpose and most of all make peace with stories from my past that were holding me back.


Are you tired of running from pain?

Do you want to be able to identify exactly what it is that needs healing?

Do you want to be able to release your attachment to the past and finally let go?

Are you finished trying to escape in unhealthy ways?

Are you ready to let go of fear?

Have you tried therapy and self help books and feel like they have not helped you?

I can show you how. 

I can show you because I have been in that EXACT place and I know how to help you.

I know how to help you because I am you.

Right now you’re in a great place to start over and rebuild your inner foundation of self-worth and self-love, rewrite the old stories from your past so that you can see what everyone else sees:

You can reconnect to your inner light, your zest for life, and your connection to self and finally let go of things from your past that have hurt you.

Are you ready to finally heal?

I am here to help you.

I know I can help you because I know your pain. I identify with your struggles and your desperate need for inner peace, freedom and happiness.

I don’t want you to suffer and struggle for over 20 years like I did.


You Can Start Your Beautiful Healing Journey Now.

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